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Customer Testimonials


T. Miller - Aug 7th 2017 - Natural Bridge, VA

Thanks for my new sink. Check out the video I took of it.

Whitehaus WHQ536-WHITE Fireclay Farm Sink

A. Lovell - May 1st 2017 - Pittsburg, KS

ALFI brand AB538-W Sink

I love my new Alfi farm house sink! It was the first thing I bought for my new kitchen and I'm so glad I did! Thanks!

ALFI brand AB538-W Fireclay Farm Sink

L. Johnson - Dec 27th 2016 - Fairfield, CT

We love our Whitehouse Farmhouse sink. The ordering process was simple and it looks fantastic in our new kitchen. 
Whitehaus WHB2620 Fireclay Farm Sink
Whitehaus WHB2620 Fireclay Farm Sink

A. Alviggi - Sep 24th 2016 - Tuckahoe, NY

This faucet looks great. It was easy to install and has excellent water pressure. I bought two other faucets and returned them both as this Kraus as far better then either one.
Kraus KPF-1612SS Kitchen Faucet
Kraus KPF-1612SS Kitchen Faucet

S. Shaashua - May 31st 2016 - Sherman Oaks, CA

Enjoying my new faucet, thank you for everything. As soon as I opened the box and felt it I could tell that its not a cheapy faucet, the quality is really nice.
ALFI brand AB2034 Kitchen Faucet
ALFI brand AB2034 Kitchen Faucet

S. Mangion - July 21st 2015 - George Town, ON

Just thought I would share this photo. Its such a unique piece,  anyone who comes to my home loves its.
Emmevi Pinocchio Faucet 1887
Pinocchio Faucet

E. Jimenez - June 8th 2015 - West Palm Beach, FL

I love the way my bathtoom came out. So happy that I decided to go with a wall mounted toilet. Now that its all done and I can see it installed it was totally worth the extra efort.
EAGO WD332 & PSF332
Toilet is an EAGO WD332 with Carrier PSF332

M. Mulligan - April 28th 2015 - Denver, CO

Sink is a Whitehaus WH3018

A. Soldevila - March 13th 2015 - Clarksdale, MS

Here is a picture of my biscuit farmhouse sink I purchased from you in October of 2012. I love my sink!  and would now like to purchase the sink grid for it (Whitehaus GR2514 Stainless Steel Grid).  It is beautiful, functional and easy to clean.  I am a totally satisfied customer!

ALFI brand AB3018 Farm Sink
Sink is a Whitehaus WHQ330

M. Padilla - December 1st 2014 - Vista, CA

This September I purchased my first home. The home I purchased is a craftsman style built by my OWN grandfather from a Sears catalog kit in 1948. The home was is dire need of repair and good old fashion love. I wanted to bring back the comfort and classic feeling that the kitchen once had. I decided to put in a farmhouse sink as a special feature.  I purchased the ALFI Brand AB3018 30" Single Bowl Thick Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink from Blue Bath. The product shipped out quickly and I was able to install it within 2 days of ordering it. I can't say enough good things about this sink!! It was easy to install and looks beautiful. I couldn't be happier with my sink and with my experience with Blue Bath. Thank you!!!

ALFI brand AB3018 Farm Sink

Sink is a ALFI brand AB3018

F. Patterson - November 11th 2014 - Vista, CA

Thanks for the beautiful sink and for covering the 9% sales tax because I picked up the sink myself from your warehouse, now I realize that kitchen remodels can get pretty pricey and every little discount helps.

Sink is a Whitehaus WHQ530

A. Keeley - July 28th 2014 - Houston, TX

Even though my kitchen renovation is not completed yet, my beautiful sink is so elegant that it is the most significant part of my house.  I have never owned such a beautiful sink and my Whitehaus fireclay sink design has indeed transformed my kitchen into a classy and high end designed room.

Whitehaus WH3018 Farm Sink
Sink is a Whitehaus WH3018

A. Kushnir - July 25th 2014 - Ramat Gan, Israel

Thank you BlueBath for the quick shipping around the world! I was pleased before I even opened the box, and when I did I was even more pleased, the quality is supurb and I'm happy that I finally got it installed and can start enjoying it. You will hear from us again when we redo our bathroom.

ALFI brand Faucet
Faucet is an ALFI brand AB2034-BSS

K. Decramer - July 24th 2014 - Germantown, WI

We have finally installed our Whitehaus WHNUA3016 Stainless Steel 30'' Single Undermount Kitchen Sink last Monday and LOVE IT! I had much difficulty in finding an undermount sink with an offset drain hole and this one did the trick. The offset hole lets you store dirty dishes off to the side while still being able to put food items down the disposal. And the Kohler Sweep function on our new faucet makes it easy to sweep all the food particles over to the drain.

Whitehaus Stainless Steel Sink Whitehaus undermount sink

J. Hamilton - July 17th 2014 - Fairview, TX

Hey Guys, thanks for the cool farm sink for my laundry room. Here is the video I promised to share about my experience.

Sink is the reversed side of the Whitehaus WHQ330-W

D. Cohen - June 4th 2014 - Tarzana, CA

Thanks for the fixtures guys! Check out how it all came out in our new bathroom. I think it all looks awsome together, Im glad to decided to get the square style fixtures instead of round.
ALFI brand tub fixtures

All fixtures are by ALFI brand in Polished Chrome, Showerhead is AB7606, Mixer is AB5601, Tub spout is AB9201

R. Major - June 2nd 2014 - Philadelphia, PA

Here is a photo of my bath room that was built in 1962.  A new floor vanity and your Eago toilet have it a modern sleek look without removing the dates wall tiles. Great delivery time on the toilet.  I like it so much I'm doing the other bathroom and will definitely get my toilet and other items from Bluebath.
TB336 Toilet

Toilet is an EAGO TB336

J. Temple - May 6th 2014 - Wicomico, VA

Ok guys check out my new shower fit for a king! I'm so stocked about it, I never would have thought that one day I'd be showering under a 16" showerhead that freaking lights up. So Fun. Thanks for everything.
LED5012 Showerhead
Showerhead is an ALFI brand LED5012-PSS

R. Sazonov - April 7th 2014 - Pilot, VA

Sink is an Whitehaus WH3719 in White

G. Boerger - April 1st 2014 - Fort Loramie, OH

Per your add on your webpage, I am sending you a picture of our farmhouse sink from our remodeled 1860-1870s farmhouse in Ohio.  We love it!  Hoping to use the coupon to buy the sink protecting grid.
WH3719 Farm Sink BlueBath Customer Testimonial
Sink is an Whitehaus WH3719 in White

R. Goozman - Jan 12th 2014 - Concord, CA

Tadaaaa, it was worth the wait for this sink, so glad I ended up deciding to go with the concrete material, it gives it that unique look I was going for, thanks for all the help with the installation recommendations.
ABC3219 Concrete Farm Sink
Sink is an ALFI brand Conrete 33" Farm Sink ABC3219 in Terracota

B. Razmazma- Nov 19th 2013 - Woodland Hills, CA

Ladies and gents my kitchen is done! Check out how sweet it came out, looks like a milion bucks.
AB511 Farm Sink by BlueBath
Sink is an ALFI brand AB511 in White

S. Winston- Nov 7th 2013 - Nashville, TN

I'm happy to say that we finally finished the renovation on our kitchen, it was a really hard job and I'm glad its over but it was worth the time, I wish I could say that the most beautiful part of the kitchen is the farm sink you sold me but I must say my favorite part is the view from the kitchen window, can't beat it, But the sink is a close second ;) Thanks for the deal.
WH3018 Farm Sink BlueBath Customer Testimonial
Sink is a Whitehaus WH3018 in White

M. Ortega- Sep 11th 2013 - Downey, CA

Hey Guys, thanks for everything, it came out wonderful!
WH3018 Farm Sink BlueBath Customer Testimonial
Sink is a ALFI brand AB509 in White

C. Triay- July 29th 2013 - Arcadia, FL

Just got the new shower head really cool! Thanks guys! The mixing control valve is in the left shower at the bottom , I modified that shower so it would work all together and it doesnt look out of place! Thank you again . C. Triay
WH3018 Farm Sink BlueBath Customer Testimonial
Shower head is a ALFI brand RAIN16S in Brushed Stainless Steel

E. Cortez - May 3rd 2013 - Santa Ana, CA

I bought the Whitehaus farmhouse sink and I am in love with it!  The sink is just the right size and is great quality.  I called in the afternoon to place my order and had it the next day!  The sink was packed securely too!  Thanks BlueBath!
WH3018 Farm Sink BlueBath Customer Testimonial
Sink is a Whitehaus WH3018 White.

Jordan  - April 22nd 2013 - Atlanta, GA

A video of a happy customer posted on YouTube. She purchased the Whitehaus WHFLRP3018 in white and used the fluted side.

J. Marie - April 15th 2013 - Nashville, TN

I finally had the sink installed and I love it.. I am so glad I chose Whitehaus its' very classy indeed.
WH3018 Farm Sink BlueBath Customer Testimonial
Sink is the fluted side of a Whitehaus WHFLCON3018 White.

A. Joys - Nov 15th 2012 - Los Angeles, CA

Hey Blue Bath. Here is that picture I promised you of my new farm sink. It really came out great, our whole family loves it! Thanks for the good deal and speedy delivery. You will probably be hearing from me again soon, I realzied I should have purchased the stainless steel grid that sits on the bottom, at least for the side with out the garbage disposal which tends to get used the most.

WH3018 Farm Sink BlueBath Customer Testimonial
Sink is an ALFI brand AB538 White with a Vintage III Whitehaus Bridge Faucet

S. Gaines - July 16th 2012 - La Mirada, CA

Tina, you may not remember me but I'd like you to know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Whitehaus farm sink!  It was simply the best choice I think I made for the entire kitchen.  Everyday it's such a pleasure to work in and clean easily, but of course, you know that because you have one. I thought you'd like to see a before and after image of my kitchen ;) Thank you again for the great sale deal and your great help.  BTW, I ended up choosing a faucet locally which had a gentler arc in antique bronze and am so glad because I notice whenever I use my friend's tall gooseneck arc faucet it splashes.

WH3018 Farm Sink BlueBath Customer Testimonial

Models: WH3018 Biscuit Fireclay Farm Sink and the WH202 Garbage Disposal Trim in Mahagony Bronze