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Fireclay Farm Sink Care & Maintenance

For normal cleaning, we recommend scrubbing the surface of your fireclay sink using hot water and a soft sponge or cloth with a mild abrasive. Then wipe the entire surface with a dry, clean, soft cloth.

Astonish cleans fireclay sinks like no other.
For heavy duty cleaning, and those tough marks, use any general purpose cleaner. The most recommended cleaning product is "Astonish". This can be found in most Super Market chains as well as on eBay! As a cheaper and easier product to find, AJAX works just fine even for those annoying pot marks.
Ajax can clean your farm sink just fine.
Do not use any metallic wire sponges, this may cause damage to the sinks finish Don't use Metalic sponge on your fireclay farm sink.
If the surface of your sink got chipped or develeoped a hairline crack you can use this repair kit to perform cosmetic repairs to your sink. It is available in four colors White, Biscuit, Black, Saphire Blue. Item # WHSRKIT