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Fireclay Farm Sink Factory Gallery

The fireclay farm sink production and manufacturing process involves modern technologies while keeping the traditional process of "SlipCasting" using molds, in place. Each fireclay farmhouse sink that goes through the factory machinery eventually lands in the hands of an artist who will hand scrub and sculpt the fireclay to achieve its perfect finish.

Molding fireclay Fireclay sinks cooling rack Sink Factory wall hung sinks manufacturing
Sanding a farm sink Artist smooths the fireclay sink Stage 2 of glazing the sink Stage 1 of glazing the fireclay
farm sinks enter the kiln oven Fireclay Oven Shipping farm sinks to los angeles Farm sinks arrive to Los Angeles

What is Fireclay?

Fireclay is a natural form of clay that contains greater amounts of quartz and minerals than regular clay otherwise known as porcelain. Due to its special composition, the fireclay is very thick, dense and heavy. To be considered as fire-clay, the clay must withstand minimum temperatures of 2759 Fahrenheit.

Fireclay Sink Production?

First, clay is mixed with water until it reaches a consistency similar to honey. The mixture is poured into a 2 piece plaster mold that allows water to pour out. When the clay is dry the plaster mold is removed to reveal a new beautiful sink. At this stage the fireclay sink goes to a smoothing station where a very skillful clay artist hand sponge it to perfection.

The fireclay sinks are initially glazed with a thick layer of material applied by hand and known as Endobe, and then sprayed with a mixture of ground glass, cellulose and water for complete glazing.

The sinks are then fired in a long converyer belt oven at very high temperatures that cause the clay and glaze to fuse, essentially creating a new material.

The final product, a fireclay farmhouse sink is one of the most durable and surely the most low maintenance sink materials in the world. Every sink is inspected after production to make sure it is a perfect farm sink. Fireclay sinks resist very well acid, scratches and impacts.

We have the largest selection of fireclay farm sinks on the web, available in many shapes, sizes, colors by the biggest brand names in the industry.