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Shopping Guide

First things first. Determine what type of shopper you are.

The Hunter: One who knows exactly what he / she is looking for and has the model number.
The Browser: One who knows the general type of the product he / she is looking for.

1. Search / Select Category

Assuming you have the manufacturers model number of the item you are looking for. The quickest possible way to find your item is by searching using the model number. Type the exact number in the main search bar on the top left hand side of the site and hit the GO button. The description page will automatically load. When you are ready to purchase simply select the color option if applicable and then hit the add item to cart button to begin the check out process or call 213-222-8820 to pay by phone. 

Assuming you know what type of product you are looking for but do not have any part numbers. For example you are looking for a farm sink made of fireclay. Simply choose the exact category where your product would be using the blue drop down menu bar at the top of the page. Start by rolling over Kitchen, now select Sinks and then choose Fireclay and then Farmhouse. A detailed list of all items in the category you choose will be displayed.

2. Filtering the Results

Now that you have chosen a category and see the many results you can start refining the results to best match your desires. Use the many filter boxes on the left side to select sub-categories, item specifics, brand, material, measurements etc. You can simply minimize boxes you don't want to see open. Keep refining until you reach a desired low enough number of results which you can start browsing through.

3. Sorting the Results

The results will atomically be sorted in order of popularity. You can change it to sort by Price, Brand, Model or Availability. You can also change the viewing options from the defaulted grid view to List or Gallery view to visibly see many more results with out scrolling. If you found exactly what you want click on its image or title to enter the description page. If you canít decide between a few items you can compare them.

4. Comparing your Favorites

You can select items to compare them side by side. Simply click on the blue Add to Compare button by the item. When you're ready to compare all the ones you have selected click on the Compare button at the top of the left filtering area. When you make-up your mind click on the items image to view its description page.

5. Viewing Product Description

In the description page you can enlarge the image and view the spec sheet or additional product images. You will then see all the product details and description provided by the manufacturer. If applicable, you will be able to download the Userís Manual, Specifications page, Parts breakdown as a PDF document. When youíre ready to order simply hit the green Add to Cart button. and begin checking out or simply call 213-222-8820 to pay by phone.