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LED3103 Multi Color LED Temperature Detectable Shower Head

LED3103 Multi Color LED Temperature Detectable Shower Head
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  • MODEL: LED3103
  • OUR ID: 5189
Turn on the fun in your shower just by turning on the water the LED lights will automatically light up and set the mood. They will even change colors automatically based on the water temperature. All this with no batteries everything is self-powered by a built in dynamo that takes advantage of the water pressure to create the energy to light the bulbs.

No Batteries! This high tech shower head powers the LED lights using a built in hidden dynamo. The lights will automatically turn on when water pressure is turned on. The lights will dim and brighten when you lower and raise the pressure. So you can set the perfect mood, water & light.

Auto Temperature Detected Light Color Change! The shower head will automatically change colors according to the temperature of the water. So you always know how the water will feel on your skin just by looking at it.

  • When water temperature is below 76'F lights will be BLUE.
  • When water temperature is between 77'F - 91'F lights will be GREEN.
  • When water temperature is between 92'F - 114'F lights will be RED.
  • When water temperature is over 115'F a RED warning light will flash.

Never be scalded again by entering a shower that just too hot.

Standard Size. Replace your old shower head with this exciting new product. It will fit any standard shower head by simply unscrewing the old one by hand and attaching the new one.

Modern Stylish Design. Completely polished chrome made to match or stand out from your other bathroom fixtures.

High Quality. This shower head is made out of high density ABS plastic so its made to last, not just to look good.

Gift Giving. Makes the perfect fun & unique gift for anyone who showers ;-) Comes in a stylish black colorful box with clear panel.

*Note: The image shown above makes the light look a bit pink. Please remember this unit has 3 colors, blue, green and red. Plus a flashing red warning light.

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can the LED3 105 Multi Color LED shower fixture be used as a hand held device and if it can do your components come with all attachments to completing a hand held shower attached to the current shower installed?
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About LED Water

About The Company

Brighten up your bathroom or kitchen with shower heads and faucets that glow based on the water temperature using LED lights. Both these shower heads and faucets have great pressure and make for great fun as they light up your shower or sink. There are no batteries needed as the LED lights operate off of the water pressure! Kids and adults alike will love the LED Water!

LED Shower Head

* fits standard shower head outlet
* turns green below 82 °F
* turns blue between 83 °F and 102 °F
* turns red above 103 °F
* no batteries needed….runs off of the water pressure

LED Faucet

* fits standard faucet outlet
* turns blue below 77 °F
* turns green between 78 °F and 100 °F
* turns red above 101 °F
* no batteries needed….runs off of the water pressure


Products Offered

LED Shower heads and faucets.


Item Weight 1.00
Ship Weight 5
Ship State CA
Ship Zip 90016
Material Plastic
Shape Round
Width 3 1/8
Length 9 1/2
Theme Modern
Finish Polished Chrome
Shower Head Function Single Function
Includes Hand Held? Yes
Includes Slide Bar? No
Lighting? Yes