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Whitehaus WHQ530 Single Bowl Fireclay 30'' Farmhouse Apron Kitchen Sink

Whitehaus WHQ530 Single Bowl Fireclay 30'' Farmhouse Apron Kitchen Sink
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  • MODEL: WHQ530
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*FIRE SALE PROMO on the white color. Now the most affordable 30" fireclay farm sink on the web! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST* Whitehaus fireclay sinks are handmade from all-natural clay and lead-free materials. These sinks are incredibly durable and resistant to scratches, chips, stains and extreme temperatures, not to mention their simple maintenance. The WHQ530 Farmhaus Fireclay Quarto Alcove Series sink comes in four finishes – white, biscuit, black and sapphire blue. It measures at 30” x 20”, making it the ideal size for all your kitchen needs. The reversible sink has a decorative lip on each side, which gives you flexibility and transforms the look of your counters and will remain in style for years to come.
  • All four sides are glazed and finished so this sink is reversible. One side has a 2 1/2'' decorative lip while the other side has a 2" decorative lip.
  • The sink tapers slightly at the top by 3/8''. Meaning that the top width is a bit larger than the bottom width.
  • For a template we recommend that you wait to have the sink on location and trace it on to a carton to create the template.
  • This sink is made of fireclay which is the highest quality clay sink available exceeding that of porcelain due to higher baking temperatures and longer baking times. It is made from 100% white clay unlike cast iron sinks which are made from iron and simply coated with a layer of clay. It can withstand the hottest pots & pans with out a problem unlike fiberglass sinks. Bottom line these sinks are extremely durable and will stay with you for many years to come.
  • This sink can be installed in 3 different ways, all of which feature an exposed front apron. The most common is Undermount, where the countertop flows over the edge of the sink. Another option is Flushmount where the countertop and top edge of sink are exactly the same height, in this case the silicone sealer between the sink and countertop will be visible. The third option is Topmount where the countertop buts up against the side of the sink which sticks up above the height of the countertop. Not to be confused with drop-in which this sink is not designed for.
  • Due to the organic nature of the fireclay material dimensions may vary by 1/8" of an inch. We recommend having the sink on location to trace and measure for countertop and cabinet cut outs.

The Benefits of an Authentic farmhouse sink.
The Quality of the Finish - The glazing of the sink surface provides both durability and shine over long periods of time. The raw material used fine fireclay allows for uniformity in the finish. 

Durability - The sinks glaze is practically impervious to threatening bacteria from food preparation. Stains do not penetrate the glaze and can be easily wiped away. Acids and chemical cleaners have virtually no adverse effect. Coffee stains cigarette burns and other daily occurances that would adversely effect kitchen sinks made from other materials are easily wiped away on fireclay sinks.

Scratches - These sinks are not adversely affected by scratches from pots pans knifes etc.

Thermal Shock - Thermal Shock (very hot or very cold water) has no effect whatsoever on the sink.

Also Available In These Variations

Color: Black SKU: WHQ530-BLACK UPC: 848130007304

Color: Biscuit SKU: WHQ530-BISCUIT UPC: 848130007298

Color: White SKU: WHQ530-WHITE UPC: 848130007281

Color: Sapphire Blue SKU: WHQ530-BLUE UPC: 848130007311

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I have the WHQ530 farm house sink. I was wondering if AJAX is ok to use to clean the sink when necessary? Or does it scratch and rub away the shine?
1 answers
Are there color samples available to see the difference between white and biscuit?
1 answers
I confused about the wh200 disposa strainer mount. The description indicates it is compatible with insinkarator (ISE) followed by Not Evolution kenmore (Sears). Does this mean that it is not compatible with ISE Evolution disposals or not compatible ISE Evolution disposals also.

ANother question, Is a special mount required or can I use the mounting strainer that comes with the disposal?

Thanks for any information on this. I would like to make sure what I buy will work.

Regards, Vince
1 answers
Do I need to order anything extra when I order a farmhouse sink? Or will everything I need be included? I see that there are things like strainers and support brackets listed on your website. Also, are there limitations to the types of garbage disposals that can be installed with this sink? The sink that I am interested in is the Whitehaus WHQ530 single bowl 30" kitchen sink.
1 answers
I've been looking into apron front sinks and have been seeing a lot of negative comments on various farmhouse styles....the style of yours WHQ530 is on sale...for how long? So many people are complaining about chips and difficulty in installing. My husband wants a stainless steel sink, I don't. So durability and ease of installation are a must if I am to even have a chance at having him see my vision! We have always gotten Kohler sinks, but their farmhouse styles are too expensive! Why is yours on sale for less than 50% the original price? Love the lower price....just needs some facts as to why, durability and "doability" for DIY. By the way he is no slouch.....we have always done house projects ourselves...including the first remodel! I just, if I can convince him, would hate to live with "I told you so" for the rest of my life! He will NEVER do this again! I've been warned...so I need to know the truth if a "fireclay" sink is as tough as our cast iron enameled kohler sink or are farmhouse styled sinks more vulnerable to dings and cracks from everyday use and garbage disposal unit attachments! Thanks for your help!
1 answers
Will a 30" sink fit into a 30" cab? Also can it be undermounted to corian?
1 answers
Can the Whitehaus WHQ-530 be top mounted in standard laminate countertops. Can you provide a photo showing this installation.

Do you offer any other apron front sinks suitable for drop in mount in a laminate counter top

1 answers
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Series Farmhouse
Prop 65? No
Item Weight 70.00
Ship Weight 85
Ship State KS
Ship Zip 66021
Ship Length 40
Ship Width 24
Ship Height 16
Material Fireclay
Width 29 3/8
Length 19 7/8
Height 10
Depth 9
Shape Rectangular
Thickness 1
Inner Bowl 27 1/4 x 16 3/4 x 9
Drain Placement Center
Drain Size 3 1/2
Bowl Type Single Bowl
Apron Theme Lip