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About the Company: Waterless

Water is an indispensable life resource and it is up to us to do whatever we can to conserve and prevents it from becoming non-exitent.. With the same concern in mind, Waterless Co. was established in 1991 and since then it has pioneered the way to save water, with their innovative and patented No-Flush Urinals. Every year, billions of gallons of water is flushed down urinals all over the country. Klaus Reichardt, the founder of Waterless Co. wanted to create a urinal that uses minimal amount of water or rather no water at all, thus saving those billion gallons that can be used as a reservoir for our future generations.

With this mindset, the Waterless No-Flush Urinal technology was conceptualized and developed by Waterless Co. and No-Flush Urinals were created, ready to be installed in homes by 1991. Waterless Urinals work completely without water or flush valves, a highly effective and efficient technology that saves a huge amount of water each time. Apart from being environment friendly, these Waterless urinals are very easy to install, are touch-free, improve bathroom sanitation and also eliminate odors.

Blue Bath is proud to associate with Waterless Co. and brings to its customers waterfree urinals from a brand that is technologically advanced and environmentally conscious.

Products Offered at Blue Bath:

Blue Bath presents a wide range of Waterless Urinals by Waterless Co.


This is my first time hearing of a Waterless urinal. I can’t believe it!

Waterless Co. is the pioneer and originator of this most water and maintenance conserving fixture. We have been in business since 1991 and is family owned. For the first 10 years Waterless Co. the sole manufacturer of these units. Often imitated but never duplicated, we still offer the most simple and most cost effective system on the world market.

Why do they not smell?

Simply because there is no mixing of water and urine. Flushed urinals, which have the familiar ammonia smell, provide a chemical reaction between the urine and the water in the urinal, which generates the familiar ammonia smell. Waterless urinals do not smell since no water and urine is mingled plus our BlueSeal in the trap makes a complete seal.

I hear they are very expensive to operate?

Waterless No-Flush urinals are the most cost effective system on the market. Our EcoTrap retails for $6.95 ea., and is changed out about 2 to 4 times a year. The competitor’s products are more expensive and unfortunately we are often equated with them.


3 year manufacturer’s limited warranty.