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Pacific Collection

About The Company - Pacific Collection

Our goal is to show to our clients that they don’t have to compromise quality materials or style to complete their remodeling projects.

Pacific Collection selects only the best materials, styles and finishes for its bathroom vanities and Bathtubs. Our tubs are made of an extra thick acrylic that provides better durability, more comfort, and an easier installation than conventional acrylics. Our vanity cabinets are crafted from solid wood and have a wide variety of styles and dimensions. We’re also proud to be one of only a few manufacturers to offer quartz countertops, which provide not only a modern, chic look, but are stain and scratch resistant as well.

Pacific Collection is grateful to our outstanding staff, without whom this enterprise wouldn’t be possible. From our innovative designers, professional sales members and knowledgeable warehouse crews to our organized office department and senior managers, each and every member of the Pacific Collection team works together to provide our clients with superior service and excellent products.

Products offered at Blue Bath

Acrylic Bathtubs and Wooden Bathroom Vanities.

Pacific Collection Warranty

All Pacific Collection products carry a 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty. Any unauthorized or improper modifications to any Pacific Collection product will void the warranty.

The following restrictions apply:
- Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the warranted item.
- Warranted item must have been purchased from an authorized Pacific Collection dealer. It may be necessary to present a copy of the original purchase invoice for validation.
- Warranty does not protect against malfunction or other failure caused by abuse, neglect or misuse including, but not limited to, repair by persons not authorized by Pacific Collection, improper handling or maintenance, improper installation, modifications of any kind including painting or use for purposes other than intended or in locations subject to conditions not intended for the product(s).
- Normal wear and tear is not covered, including scratched or chipped counters.
- Pacific Collection recommends that installation be performed by a professional, though this is not required under the terms of the warranty. Any damage caused by improper installation or handling is the responsibility of the purchaser. Compliance with all state and local codes is required.
- This warranty specifically excludes claims for indirect, incidental, accidental or consequential damages.
- Warranty claims must be accompanied by a detailed description of the issue and sufficient photographic evidence that we may evaluate properly.
- Local building code compliance is the responsibility of the purchaser. Please check with local code regulations before purchasing.

No employee, agent, dealer or other person is authorized to give any warranties on behalf of Pacific Collection. The customer’s legal rights are limited to those stated specifically in this warranty statement. Warranty is not transferable.