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LightSmith 33'' T33BSL Light Up Single Bowl Bronze Farm Sink

LightSmith 33'' T33BSL Light Up Single Bowl Bronze Farm Sink
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The Texas Lightsmith Luminescent Line Sinks are an innovative new way to add interest to your kitchen design. Experience the great function of the deep basins and revel in the joy of beautifully illuminated art glass that you can change out with the seasons, your mood, or as your decor changes over the years! The glass panels are also made in our Austin Texas studio by our in-house glass artisans.
  • Innovative new element for design plan (totally unique in the industry.
  • Interchangeable, so as you redecorate, the sink design can adapt to the changing environment with a new panel.
  • Long lasting lighting system for low/easy maintenance.
  • Living finish basin allowing Copper/Bronze to disinfect its self approximately every 8 hours.
  • Panels are simple to change.
  • Warranty : 1 year standard limited on sink. 5 year limited on lighting system
Copper Light Up Farm Sink
A Texas Lightsmith sink is hand crafted in Austin Texas by master metal-smiths using innovative applications of ancient techniques and state-of-the art computer modeling and fabrication processes. Created with coved corners for easy cleaning we also use a sealant developed by the National Copper Association to protect the metal components on the apron of the sink, while the basin is left with a "Living Finish" that will develop unique character over time, giving you a one of a kind masterpiece for your home.
Texas Lightsmith Copper Sink
Also Available In These Variations

Color: Firepool Finish: Burnished Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BB-Firepool

Color: Monochrome Finish: Burnished Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BB-Monochrome

Color: Traditional Grid Finish: Burnished Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BB-Traditional.Grid

Color: Deco Fan Finish: Burnished Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BB-Deco.Fan

Color: Argyle Finish: Burnished Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BB-Argyle

Color: Farfalla Finish: Burnished Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BB-Farfalla

Color: Color Bars Finish: Burnished Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BB-Color.Bars

Color: Lost Maples Finish: Burnished Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BB-Lost.Maples

Color: Lamina Finish: Brushed Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BB-Lamina

Color: Landscape Finish: Burnished Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BB-Landscape

Color: Victoriana Finish: Burnished Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BB-Victoriana

Color: Firepool Finish: Dark Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BD-Firepool

Color: Monochrome Finish: Dark Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BD-Monochrome

Color: Traditional Grid Finish: Dark Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BD-Traditional.Grid

Color: Deco Fan Finish: Dark Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BD-Deco.Fan

Color: Argyle Finish: Dark Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BD-Argyle

Color: Farfalla Finish: Dark Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BD-Farfalla

Color: Color Bars Finish: Dark Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BD-Color.Bars

Color: Lost Maples Finish: Dark Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BD-Lost.Maples

Color: Lamina Finish: Dark Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BD-Lamina

Color: Landscape Finish: Dark Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BD-Landscape

Color: Victoriana Finish: Dark Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BD-Victoriana

Color: Firepool Finish: Medium Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BM-Firepool

Color: Monochrome Finish: Medium Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BM-Monochrome

Color: Traditional Grid Finish: Medium Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BM-Traditional.Grid

Color: Deco Fan Finish: Medium Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BM-Deco.Fan

Color: Argyle Finish: Medium Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BM-Argyle

Color: Farfalla Finish: Medium Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BM-Farfalla

Color: Color Bars Finish: Medium Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BM-Color.Bars

Color: Lost Maples Finish: Medium Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BM-Lost.Maples

Color: Lamina Finish: Medium Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BM-Lamina

Color: Landscape Finish: Medium Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BM-Landscape

Color: Victoriana Finish: Medium Bronze SKU: T33BSL-BM-Victoriana

Color: Firepool Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze SKU: T33BSL-ORB-Firepool

Color: Monochrome Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze SKU: T33BSL-ORB-Monochrome

Color: Traditional Grid Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze SKU: T33BSL-ORB-Traditional.Grid

Color: Deco Fan Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze SKU: T33BSL-ORB-Deco.Fan

Color: Argyle Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze SKU: T33BSL-ORB-Argyle

Color: Farfalla Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze SKU: T33BSL-ORB-Farfalla

Color: Color Bars Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze SKU: T33BSL-ORB-Color.Bars

Color: Lost Maples Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze SKU: T33BSL-ORB-Lost.Maples

Color: Lamina Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze SKU: T33BSL-ORB-Lamina

Color: Landscape Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze SKU: T33BSL-ORB-Landscape

Color: Victoriana Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze SKU: T33BSL-ORB-Victoriana

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About Light Smith

About The Company

John W. Worsham III established Texas Lightsmith in 1995, and was joined by Trey Jones in 2001, with the mission of providing a competitive source for excellent lighting, while offering the widest array of metalworking techniques to allow for unlimited design possibilities.

In addition to standard sheet metal and wrought iron fabrication techniques, Texas Lightsmith regularly employs weaving of metal, repouss©, etching, punching, and hammer forming to create a diverse design base for all projects. Since its inception, Texas Lightsmith has produced thousands of custom chandeliers, wall fixtures, venthoods, hanging lanterns, fireplace screens, and other exquisite and unique items. Using a wider variety of both old and new world metalworking techniques than any other light maker in the business, Texas Lightsmith can satisfy all tastes and most budgets.

All Texas Lightsmith products are handcrafted by metal smiths at the Texas Lightsmith studio in Austin, Texas. While the Texas Lightsmith standard line is ever-increasing, custom projects are welcome.

Products Offered

Illuminated farm sinks made of copper, bronze or nickel. With glass light up panels.


Our products are specialty-manufactured goods guaranteed for parts and workmanship for a period of one year subsequent to completion. Please inspect all products upon receipt. Any problems brought to our attention more than 30 days from receipt of order may not be covered by our warranty as shipping, handling, or storage issues may come into consideration as we assess the problem. Damage caused due to mishandling, improper installation, and shipping is not covered by our warranty. Patinas (finishes) are not covered by our warranty. Some variation from samples is normal for patinas, glass, and mica. If we determine that we have shipped you items inconsistent with the contract or the specifications that we have agreed on as specified in the order paperwork, we will correct the problem by replacement, repair, or refund, as we deem appropriate, and we will pay the freight. We will not pay for a new crate so it is important that you not destroy your crate (or other packaging) until you are satisfied with your order. We recommend that you make every effort to report any warranty claim before installation to avoid the cost of un-installing the item. If the item is installed, we will honor any valid warranty claim, but will not pay or make allowance for un-installing or removing the item. If we deem your claim valid by phone or email, we will determine how we will resolve it, either by local service, shipment back to us, or replacement. If we cannot determine definite validity of your claim over the phone, we will require that you ship the item back to us for warranty determination at your expense. If we determine upon examination that your claim is valid, we will compensate you for the shipping. If we determine your claim is not valid, we will not pay the freight in either direction, and will charge a service fee for checking your item plus a handling fee for the re-crating of your item.


Item Weight 45.00
Ship Weight 100
Ship Zip 78724
Material Bronze
Width 32 1/2
Length 21
Height 9 1/2
Depth 9 1/2
Shape Rectangular
Gauge 16
Installation Type Farmhouse
Inner Bowl 18 1/2 x 30 x 9 1/2
Drain Placement Center
Drain Size 3 1/2
Bowl Type Single Bowl
Overflow? No
Apron Theme Color Light