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About the Company: Universal

Universal bathtubs brand is a name to reckon with, especially when it comes to providing ultimate in luxury and comfort in the form of bathtubs. Now enjoy the luxury of bathing in a bathtub at any age. Do not let mobility issues or certain health conditions deprive you of the joy of having a royal bath. Universal walk in tubs come with a built-in contoured 17'' chair, a 5'' low entry point, slip resistant tub floor, free standing steel support frame with adjustable leveling legs and many more such thoughtful features that make this fixture indispensable in a bathroom.

We at Blue Bath, believe that bathing is a daily ritual that relaxes and refreshes. And there is nothing better than having bath fittings that accentuate comfort, calm your senses and repair tired muscles.

So if you have an elderly person at home, fulfill their bathing needs perfectly with a Universal therapeutic walk-in tub!

Products offered at Blue Bath

The company offers an exclusive range of therapeutic walk-in tubs at Blue Bath.

Universal Warranty

Universal Tubs provide a lifetime warranty on the door seal and a lifetime limited warranty on the tub.