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Eden Bath EB_S028PW-P Most Unique Natural Stone Sink - Petrified Wood

Eden Bath EB_S028PW-P Most Unique Natural Stone Sink - Petrified Wood
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  • MODEL: EB_S028PW-P
  • UPC: 661799736718
  • OUR ID: 23096
You simply cannot get more natural than a stone sink made of petrified wood. Although it is called petrified wood and it actually was at one point in time natural wood it is now stone. Over thousands of years the process of fossilization has replaced all the organic materials in the wood with minerals keeping the structure of the wood but effectively turning it into stone. Petrified wood sinks are likely the most unique product in our line because no two are even close to alike.
  • Eden Bath Stone Vessel Sink.
  • Material: Petrified Wood.
  • Outer Dimensions: W: 15-20", L: 19-31", H: 5-8".
  • Drain Size/Overflow: 1 5/8" - No Overflow.
  • This sink is compatible with the EB_D002 and EB_D003 drains, the EB_D001 is not compatible with this sink.
  • As hand-crafted works of art created from natural stone, each stone sink will have its own unique finish and may not be exactly as shown in the photo(s).
  • Warranty : 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
The color shape and size vary for every piece and can range from 19" to 32" in length (side to side). Additionally as the sinks are carved from a trunk of petrified wood the height can also vary. The height of the petrified wood stone sinks can vary from 5" to 8" high. If you would like a larger sink (great than 20" wide) please specify this immediately after ordering. The color of the sinks can also vary; this is partly due to the original wood and what minerals the wood was surrounded by. However they will all have a natural wood tone from very light all the way to dark. If your project requires more than one sink please note that it will not be possible to find two sinks that will match or even be relatively similar. Overall the petrified wood sinks are extremely special and will be phenomenal conversation pieces mostly because of the history and uniqueness behind them. This sink is compatible with the EB_D002 and EB_D003 drains the EB_D001 is not compatible with this sink.
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Does the round sink come in just the 5 inch height all the way around. 8 inches to high I need 2 of them , do you give a discount with 2?or possible 3
1 answers
I am looking for a sink that is approx. 20 to 22 by 20 to 22 . Do you have any of this smaller size?
1 answers
Is it possible, prior to shipment, to get a photo of the actual sink being shipped? I fully understand the natural material variances at work, but it would be nice to have an idea of what we will actually be receiving.

1 answers
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About Eden Bath

About the Company – Eden Bath

Eden Bath is known for their beautiful products, all of which are inspired by nature. We are all familiar with the 'Garden of Eden' and know it as a place of utmost bliss. Eden Bath aims to make your bathroom a place of relaxation for its customers, a place where one can unwind and forget all their worries. Eden Bath offers beautiful stone, copper and glass sinks, carefully molded in various shapes are the perfect way to add that earthly element to your bathroom and make it the most gorgeous place in your home. Eden Bath sinks are made with various strong materials including marble and granite, which means they are as sturdy as they are beautiful.

Eden Bath vessel sinks are known for their beauty and strength. Made from the finest quality material and handcrafted to precision, Eden bath sinks will definitely add an amazing, earthy charm to your bathroom. Eden Bath prides itself on being a company that is affordable to its customers without compromising on the quality of their products.

Blue Bath is proud to associate with a brand that is known for their beautiful, high-quality stone vessel sinks and other bathroom accessories. Browse through our selection of Eden Bath Products and transform your bathroom into a serene place that you will love!

Products offered at Blue Bath

Blue Bath brings to its customers an exclusive selection of Eden Bath stone sinks, vessel sinks and vessel faucets.

Eden Bath Warranty

All Eden Bath sinks purchased after January 1 2011 have a one year limited warranty unless otherwise specified. Eden Bath faucets and accessories purchased after January 1 2011 have a three year limited warranty unless otherwise specified. Any Eden Bath product purchased before January 1, 2011 has a one year limited warranty.

All Eden Bath products are warrantied against cracking, warping and manufacturer defects.

Warranty does not cover cracking of sinks by thermal shock (quick temperature changes from hot to cold and vice versa).

Warranty does not extend to items that are physically damaged under abnormal operating conditions as a result of misuse.

Warranty does not extend to items that are damaged due to improper installation.

Warranty does not extend to faucet finishes or damage to fixture finishes.

Warranty on copper sinks does not apply to changes in the finish due to the natural process of copper that patinas.

Warranty on copper sinks applies to the structure only, not the finish. Leaving acidic foods, chemicals, cleaning products etc. can remove the finish.


Item Weight 50.00
Ship Weight 50
Ship State IA
Ship Zip 52405
Ship Length 24
Ship Width 24
Ship Height 12
Material Stone
Width 31
Length 20
Height 8
Shape Unique
Installation Type Above Mount
Drain Placement Center
Drain Size 1 5/8
Color Wood
Faucet Holes 0
Bowl Style Rounded
Bowl Type Single Bowl
Overflow? No